Digital Signage

VideoPro are the Australasian distributors of ONELAN, a global leader in Digital Signage and IPTV solutions.

Digital Signage is an effective method to communicate key messages, providing significant cost savings and flexibility over traditional printed posters and notice boards.

With numerous studies showing significant improvements in sales revenue and product recall, Digital Signage is now a key tool in solving an increasingly wide range of communication tasks and business problems, and has become as important as websites and brochures.

The correct use of video, animation, images and text to create timely, compelling and relevant content works to attract, retain and engage your audience. Easy-to-use design and management tools enable widespread adoption of an internal communications network within an organisation, and ensures content is always fresh, relevant and engaging.

ONELAN provides a rich platform on which any organisation can build their wider communication strategy, be it a single foyer screen, wayfinding or a large global retail network.

Key Features

  • EASY-TO-USE web browser interface for ease of access, central & local control.
  • EASY-TO-DEPLOY Linux based appliance, no need to install 3rd party software or virus protection, sophisticated network capabilities and DSM facility for remote configuration.
  • LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP no recurring fees, free software upgrades, extended warranty program.
  • SUPERIOR SECURITY inbuilt firewalls, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS.


  • Education - Universities/Schools/Training Centres
  • Health - Doctors’ Surgeries/Dentists/Hospitals
  • Government - Regional & City Councils/Courts
  • Hospitality - Hotels/Restaurants/Airport lounges
  • Financial - Banks/Currency Exchanges/Trading Floors
  • Entertainment & Leisure - Theatres/Museums/Stadiums
  • Corporate - Foyers/Logistics Centres/Call Centres
  • Retail - Shopping Malls
  • Transport - Rail & Bus hubs/Airports

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