VideoPro & Smartpresence have merged to form new brand identity


We created TenFour because AV communications technology is increasingly ubiquitous and depended on by organisations to work in the collaborative, efficient, agile and diverse way that success requires - but as the technology becomes more useful and powerful in the workplace, it's also becoming more complicated to design and support.

By uniting AV and conferencing expertise under one roof, we design, install and support workplace AV communications tech so that it's like running water - everywhere, always-on, and understood by everybody. Our holistic design of AV systems optimises how people communicate in the workplace.

We're passionate about creating a world where everyone can work, create, connect and communicate without boundaries. By bringing together VideoPro and Smartpresence we marry up our complementary experience in AV and video conferencing and a long history of working closely together as separate companies, to offer the best all-in-one experience for our customers.


Visit our new website or phone 0800 TENFOUR (836 3687) to speak to one of the team