Chemist Warehouse


Chemist Warehouse is an Australian owned pharmacy and market leader with over 300 stores across Australia.

Chemist Warehouse’s Omni Channel marketing approach provides great media opportunities for its stocked brands within its stores. For example, Chemist Warehouse and its brands are continuously advertised on all prime TV channels, all radio stations and every newspaper right throughout the year. On top of this they have an in-store radio station which its brands take airtime, and have full perimeter advertising at AFL games. It has also established an ‘infomercial’-style brand through TV advertising
called ‘Healthy Break’ and ‘Beauty Break’ using celebrity endorsements.

Project Objectives

In 2012, Chemist Warehouse started to look at options to expand their marketing approach with in-store video. Specifically, Chemist Warehouse wanted to provide information to customers, increase sales of promoted items, support catalogue events and to sell airtime to stocked brands.

Digital signage was selected to achieve this. Chemist Warehouse wanted the ability to distribute video into store, provide proof of play to brands and to manage the content by their internal marketing team.

Ryan Calvert, Technical Specialist at Chemist Warehouse chose OneLAN as the signage platform for its stability (the software runs on Linux), is cost competitive, and enables either full screen or multi-zone multimedia layouts with simple content management.

Chemist Warehouse elected to have four separate channels of content to each store: two pure advertising support and complimented with a ‘Healthy Break’ and ‘Beauty Break’ infomercials located in a prime position at the entrance to the store. Four wireless OneLAN media players and two 40-inch screens, and two 32-inch screen are installed in each store. Unlike many in-store signage networks Chemist Warehouse is seeing its displays as a bona fide revenue source — which makes for a compelling installation case.

Chemist Warehouse manages the network of players itself using resources the company already had in marketing and IT technical support. The design is easy to change and therefore powerful to its brands who may want more. For example, some advertisers can take over the whole screen for a particular ad,
instead of occupying one zone. The ability to offer advertising slots on the screens in-store is
an exciting and powerful innovation for Chemist Warehouse. Sales growth was above expectation especially for the prime position infomercials which is the first item a customer sees
when they enter a store. The success of this is such that Chemist Warehouse’s digital signage network rapidly became fully booked, and is now booked to 2015.

Chemist Warehouse can now engage with its customers in its 300 bricks and mortar stores, via radio, TV, in-store video, through a catalogue, banner ads or via its website and social media.